Marina Vazquez

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS #2024313

Marina Vazquez is a seasoned professional with an impressive background in logistics, administration, finance, and project management. Her journey in the business world began in 1999 when she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Sciences and Management, with a focus on Logistics, from the Universidad Tecnológica del Centro (UNITEC) in Venezuela.

In 2001, she joined Covencaucho de Venezuela, excelling in logistics and administrative management.

Marina’s international journey took her to Madrid, Spain, in 2002, where she completed her master’s degree and began working at Global Refund (now Global Blue). Her strategic insights and collaborative efforts contributed to the company’s remarkable turnaround, with sales soaring by 33% in Spain.

Upon her return to Venezuela in 2004, Marina joined Nestlé Venezuela, managing national and international purchases, as well as equipment and tool procurement for production plants. Her contributions significantly streamlined operations, earning accolades for her expertise.

In 2005, Marina transitioned into entrepreneurship, founding Inversiones Arganda, C.A., which specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing furniture for homes and businesses. With keen market analysis, Marina transformed a $100K investment into a thriving enterprise, achieving consistent growth.

Marina’s financial journey continued as she joined Banco Nacional de Crédito as an External Advisor, facilitating the company’s exit from the stock market and implementing fiscal incentives from 2005 to 2015.

In 2015, Marina relocated to the United States and acquired Vazquez & Sano LLC, a financial and accounting firm. She also acquired Master Accounting and Tax INC, focusing on financial management and corporate advisory. Recognizing the growing Hispanic market, she expanded her services to provide personalized financial consulting.

Recognizing the growing Hispanic market, Marina expanded her services, providing personalized financial consulting.
Today, Marina Vazquez serves as a Loan Officer for Pioneer Mortgage Funding, where she continues her mission to help clients pursue their American dreams. Her journey from logistics to loan officer exemplifies her dedication and expertise in the financial world.


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