Carla Chacin

-Mortgage Loan Originator-

NMLS #2020382

Originally from Venezuela, Carla Chacin is firmly planted in the Central Florida area, to be exact.
And while you may see her out and about with her family, enjoying the great outdoors or
hanging out in downtown Orlando, don’t be fooled by her casual, easy-going style.

With more than two years of experience, Carla is THE authority on mortgage lending. She and
her team see things other industry professionals may overlook, allowing her to help hundreds
of homeowners purchase and refinance homes. Carla is passionate about finding creative
financing solutions for her clients, no matter how complex the situation may look. She utilizes
her dedication to learning, experience, and unparalleled insight to better understand the forces
that drive interest rates & mortgages.

By staying up to date on the latest complexities of mortgage lending, technology, and cutting-
edge marketing techniques for real estate, Carla has become a vital resource for homeowners
and Realtors alike.


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