Marlene Mavares

-Loan Processor-

Marlene arrived in the USA in 2001. She had vast experience in banking credit operations. In Venezuela, she held different positions, all related to the process of granting loans to personal and commercial clients, for a long time.

In 2006, once authorized to work here in the USA, she started her mortgage career in Miami. She believes she was lucky enough to work in a small company that began as a mortgage broker, and in this way, she could learn and perform a processor’s functions in all its stages. She was there for almost six years.

Learning the terminology and vocabulary in English took her some time because she said everything was abbreviated, and the acronyms confused her. Still, since she liked the subject, she trusted herself, and in a short time, she achieved it.

She has worked in several companies, some larger than others, some classified as lenders, and other brokers, but time and what she has learned have helped her see that she genuinely enjoys her work and can assist clients in their purchasing goals for their homes.


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